Cultural Evolution

Reciprocal Causation and the Extended Evolutionary Synthesis. Biological Theory.

Looking for middle ground in Cultural Attraction Theory. Evolutionary Anthropology.

Causes of Cultural Disparity: Switches, Tuners, and the Cognitive Science of Religion. Philosophical Psychology.

Cultural Attractor Theory and Explanation. Philosophy, Theory, and Practice in Biology.

What are cultural attractors? Biology & Philosophy.

Cognition and the Evolution of Cognition

Beyond Brain Size: Uncovering the Neural Correlates of Behavioral and Cognitive Specialization [Including Commentaries and Response] (With Logan, CJ, S Avin, N Boogert, FR Cross, A Currie, S Jelbert, D Lukas, R Mares, AF Navarette, S Shigeno, and SH Montgomery). Comparative Cognition & Behavior Reviews.

How to be Skilful: Opportunistic Robustness and Normative Sensitivity. Synth├Ęse.

Essay Reviews, Commentaries, and Miscellanea

Forces, Friction, and Fractionation: Denis Walsh’s Organisms, Agency, and Evolution. (With Adrian Currie) Biology & Philosophy.

Domains of Generality. (With Marta Halina) Behavioral and Brain Sciences.

Cultural Longevity: Morin on Cultural Lineages. Biology and Philosophy.